Be more and more patient, that is the key to success


Edward Weston

Jun 06, 2021

Grasp the right time to enter the market. Time is not money, because sometimes, although you enter the market early, you can't make money -- time is time, and money is money. Only when funds enter the market at the right time can you make money. Be more and more patient, that is the key to success.

If there is no confirmation of the market, do not predict and do not take action. Many times, like many other speculators, I didn't have the patience to wait for what was sure to happen. I'm a human, and I'm subject to human weakness. Like all speculators, I have lost patience, lost correct judgment, and reversed their position. I feel full of hope when I should be afraid, and I am so scared when it should be full of hope.

Real trends don't end on the day they start, but a real trend takes time. Keep in mind that stocks will never be too high for you to buy or too low for you to sell. But after the first deal, don't copy the second unless there was profit in the first. Wait and watch. This is when your ability starts to be functional, allowing you to determine the right time to start.

The success of many things depends on whether you start at the right time. It took me many years to understand the importance of this point.


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