Insurance Solves Three Major Things in Life


Ken Becher

Jul 05, 2021

What is insurance? Many people have a vague idea and don’t understand the meaning behind it. They have been used to hearsay, so in society there are a lot of people who scold insurance as a lie or say that insurance is utterly useless. But if you ask someone sick in the hospital, he will absolutely say that insurance is great.

You may think that you can’t make money by buying insurance—of course, it certainly won’t help you if you want to get rich overnight. Or you can still live your life without insurance, as our older generation did—but if one day you are struck by a natural disaster or a serious disease, which destroy the whole family, insurance is your lifeline at this time.

Insurance can do nothing more than solving three things in life:

The first thing is nothing.

If you live in peace and security, insurance can be regarded as savings. It can be used as pension or investment fund, and maintain and increase value. In this case, you are still alive and healthy, and so is your money!

The second is little issues.

If you accidentally get bumped, bitten by wild cats, or have a headache or cold, insurance can give you reimbursement, warming your heart!

The third is big events.

Whether you get seriously ill, accidentally disabled, or die too young, you could get more compensation than the amount you spent when you bought insurance before, which is undoubtedly a timely help to your family!


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