Constantly looking at charts and monitoring transactions will only impede your trading


Edward Weston

May 24, 2021

Too much interference will not lead to a good result most of the time in life. If you want to control the trade all the time, it will give you a bad look.

How many times do you look at it, and then you can't help adding your position, or leave the market too early? Think of it afterward, don't you think it was too impulsive? This kind of unplanned action is the reason why many people lose money.

The easiest way is to set up a deal and forget about it. I've emphasized this principle to novices almost every time, because it was also one of the biggest lessons I've ever learned: about your interference to the trading, the less, the better. Simply follow your trading plan and achieve the final result of the transaction. This is the real trading principle.

The result of the last transaction will not affect the next one, which is a very important truth that many people often forget. They are easily influenced by the result of the last deal. You have to make it clear that every transaction is very different, and the results of the transactions are randomly distributed. Assuming that you trade 100 transactions, you may break even. But they can't be distributed so evenly. Maybe 5 or 10 consecutive transaction losses, if you are affected by this situation, then the next possible profitable transactions will be difficult to achieve because of your unstable mood.


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