When to buy in is always important


Edward Weston

Jun 13, 2021

Everything is hard in the beginning. It is a better choice to buy in when the market is in the ascendant. Especially for those which have passed the low point of industry prosperity, any pessimistic market information cannot break the long-term horizontal trend of leading companies. At this time, we will pay attention to it very carefully. Before the start of each round of market, the market will often have the last drop and then pull up. There will be a series of buying opportunities in this market trend. Use the Dow Theory mentioned above to define the nature of the market, and helps us think and analyze the market. Have a clear picture of the bull market and bear market definition and then get a more objective and rational analysis of market trends. The market trend and direction are the fundamental basis. Adding positions by the trend implies the approach of separate positions. This conforms to the market trend and establishes a good psychological advantage, making it easier to spread risks. The centralized warehouse building can easily lead to the erosion of market price on cost, enlarge the market noise interference, and affect the investment mentality.

Before trading, we have made clear about the general trend, marketable positions in the stock pool and prepared ourselves with a good attitude. In the process of trading, we need to understand that the stock market is a chaotic market, which is sometimes effective and sometimes ineffective. We emphasize that the volume price trend is the only observation object. Sometimes the stock price will be ahead of the fundamental trend, and sometimes it will be left behind. This is the fact that the market always needs to summarize and verify constantly, and it can't be learned easily. The empirical rule has historical limitations. Trading is a skill, which needs long-term training and logical trial. No theory can be copied easily.


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