Why should people buy insurance?


Edward Weston

May 31, 2021

Why should people buy insurance? I say that is for resisting risks and improving the fault tolerance rate. But the reality is that when you encounter troubles, this kind of insurance tends to be a drop in the bucket, very insignificant.

The real risk is neither disease nor accident. It depends on the probability, and from this point of view, the income has a higher chance.

For example, you may suddenly lose your job, or your industry may be attacked, or you may lose money in your business, etc.

This is what you often encounter. The probability of various uncontrollable factors is much higher than those accidents. No company ever dares to guarantee you that, once you have no income, you will get 80,000 USD per year from the insurance company until you are 80 years old, and you just need to pay very little to buy this kind of insurance.

Even if there is such kind of insurance, the expenses will be surprisingly high.

What is the most stable insurance?

It is which can protect your wealth from diluting by time, how to get a passive counterattack when attacked, how to expand the scale of wealth, so as to fundamentally improve the fault tolerance rate.

Ensuring that you can still get a good income when you can't sell your time, this is the top priority. As for what kind of insurance to buy, it is not so important at all.


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