What is the effect of trading plan on futures trading?


Edward Weston

May 31, 2021

For speculators, the essence of trading is nothing but: what you are preparing to pay (how much risk to take) and what you want to get (as for how to pay and how to earn, that is the problem of trading skill).

Suppose you don't have a strict trading plan before you enter the market, and you just have a vague framework in mind. It will be difficult for you to determine how much you are going to pay and what you expect to get because of the fluctuation of market prices, and everything will become vague. Therefore, there will be issues that you did not end the loss when you should, you didn't hold on to your positions when you should, and you didn't enter the market when you should, you will only end up with regrets. And because of these regrets, you will also have the illusion that you will succeed as long as you stick to your point of view, as long as you strictly implement your plan, and as long as you don't regret any more.


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