Finance Needs Intelligent Vehicles -Part 1


Aynsley Moore

Oct 28, 2021

What does an intelligent vehicle mean?

In recent years, due to the uneven distribution of interests among countries and domestic classes in economic globalization. With populists emerging and global governance accelerating, all walks of life are experiencing their own “changes unseen in a century.” Among them, the most profound and long-term impact is the intelligent vehicles industry. As the so-called “creating the reality that will fit the name”, the drastic changes in the automotive field can also be seen from the changes of the terms.

Under the circumstance that the nature of “vehicle” (a means of transportation) has not changed, this word has slowly experienced the evolution from carriages, wheeled machines, to automobiles, marking that after the replacement of animal power by machinery in the industrial age, it is experiencing the same or even more important leap of intelligence, Internet and new energy in the digital age. The impact on the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and surrounding ecology is also expected to be more profound and extensive.

As a standard statement for smart cars, “intelligent connected vehicles” actually include three aspects, namely, intelligent vehicles, Internet of vehicles, and new energy vehicles (such as electric vehicles). The concept of intelligent vehicles refers to a complex intelligent system that integrates environmental perception, planning and decision-making, and driving assistance with the support of hardware such as computers, sensors, and mobile networks and software such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and automatic control. The concept of the Internet of vehicles refers to the effective use of all dynamic information of vehicles within the target range through on-board equipment and mobile networks, providing networked functional services during vehicle operation. As for the concept of new energy vehicles, on the one hand, it refers to the use of non-traditional energy including electricity, natural gas, hydrogen energy, etc. which are different from petroleum. On the other hand, the introduction of advanced technologies in power control and driving in conjunction with energy changes can create a new type of vehicle with both new technical principles and new mechanical architecture.


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