When is the best time to buy serious illness insurance?


Edward Weston

Jun 29, 2021

The kind of insurance that you must buy is serious illness insurance, serious illness insurance, serious illness insurance, important things must be repeated three times!!! There's no need to ask for the reason. There's no why. You just need to buy it.

In my opinion, the sooner the better, for three reasons:

First, the incidence rate of serious illness is getting younger and younger. I have just received two claim cases, one is sudden death, another one is myocardial infarction. The first person was born in the 70s and the second one was born in the 80s, and they are both young people. Let me tell you another number, the average age of claiming for serious illness in the insurance industry is 42 years old, not 60 or 70 years old as we imagined.

Second, the earlier you buy the insurance, the cheaper it will be. The price you pay for your insurance at the age of 40 could be 1.5 or even twice the price you pay at the age of 20, and the number of years to enjoy the protection from insurance will be shorter.

Third, the younger you are, the healthier you are, so it will be easier for you to pass the insurance test. You can buy a 700,000 amount of serious illness insurance at the age of 30 without doing the physical examination, but you might need to do the physical examination at the age of 45 when you want to buy just 300,000 amount of the insurance. If you want to buy an even higher amount, don’t mention the inconvenience, you are not even sure that you can pass the examination.


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