The first prize should go to the person who solves the stock market's greatest mystery


Edward Weston

Jun 13, 2021

Speculation is actually playing a game and you must win in this game. Good stock traders cannot beunlike well-trained professional athletes,they must develop good living habits, and maintain plenty of physical strength.

It's not money that drives me. It is a game--a game of solving the mystery, a game of confusing and complicating the greatest mind in human history.

For me, passion, challenge and excitement are all in the process of winning the game. The game is a dynamic riddle, and the answer is for me to tellall the men and women who speculatein Wall Street.

In the game, your nerves are pushed to the limit, but the reward is also very high. My career is trading, which means following the facts in front of me, rather than following what I think other people should be able to do.

Let me remind youa little: your success will be directly proportional to your sincerity and loyalty in your own efforts. This kind of effort includes persisting inmaking the market record, thinking about it and drawing its own conclusions.

If an individual wants to live on this game, he must believe in himself and his own judgment. No one can make a lot of money by listeningto what other people tell him to do.

The stock market is the biggest and most complex mysteryinvented by human beings, and the first prize should be won by the person whountiesthis mystery. It takes a long time for an individual to learn from all his mistakes.


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