Finance Needs Intelligent Vehicles -Part 2


Aynsley Moore

Oct 28, 2021

In an ideal state, as an important technology focusing on the future, intelligent vehicles should have the above three aspects at the same time. However, in reality, intelligence, interconnection and new energy often operate desperately, and their technological developments in practice are also different. Apart from the ridiculous propaganda, only from the actuality to investigate and analyze, it is “subversive” mainly in two aspects.

One is intelligent driving technology. Taking the background of “barbarians at the gate” into account, the driving technology based on the advantages of data storage and information processing is the main track of the Internet. Moreover, this technology has a considerable depth of development. After the realization of L5 full automation, the insurance liability sharing in the automotive operation and even the financial field will undergo profound changes, and the expansion capacity is also considerable. However, at present, intelligent driving technology is generally at the level of L1 driver assistance and L2 partial automation. Although some companies claim that they have mastered higher L3 conditional automation or even L4 high automation, most of their application scenarios are only limited to ports, mines and new planning areas of the city.


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