Finance Needs Intelligent Vehicles -Part 4


Aynsley Moore

Nov 06, 2021

Perspective: What can intelligent vehicles achieve?

Due to the unsuccessful but well-known car-making practices of some manufacturers, intelligent vehicles have been surrounded by fiery practice and chilly criticism. However, although the development of the intelligent vehicle industry is uncertain at present, the trend has been formed in the long run.

First of all, the two major “redundancies” incidental to industrialization and informatization have provided it with a realistic basis for development. On the one hand, strong traditional auto companies are still powerful, relying on brand advantages to harvest downstream and latecomer companies. Driven by survival and profit, the disadvantaged have to find another way out. Anyway, they are just OEM, and the brand doesn’t matter. As a result, these “excess capacity” with production capability but no brand have become an industrial guarantee for the take-off of smart cars.

On the other hand, the early development of the Internet industry has also laid a solid foundation for intelligent vehicles. In terms of hardware, smart cars and smart phones have considerable interoperability and similarity. No matter in supply chain basis, talents, or experience, smart cars have successful experience to follow. In software, the Internet product design concept and business philosophy will also be carried forward in the field of intelligent vehicles, which can effectively save the cost of product publicity and customer education, and smart phone fans can also be attracted by smart cars.


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