Finance Needs Intelligent Vehicles -Part 5


Aynsley Moore

Nov 06, 2021

Furthermore, the Internet industry backed by capital is rapidly experiencing the development from online to offline, from To C to To B, and is facing the dual bottleneck of channels and scenarios. Traffic management urgently needs innovation while industry development requires breakthroughs. Capital also needs new imagination and room for realization. Combining with the historical torrent of the global low-carbon economy and digital economy, it has an unstoppable majestic potential. On the other hand, as an industrial product, there is little room for innovation in automobiles, and it is necessary to come up with new ideas in new energy (electric, hydrogen, etc.) and new technologies (digitalization, intelligence, network, etc.).

However, different from the literal concept, if the automobile industry wants to truly realize the leap from the industrial age to the digital age in practice, it still needs to overcome many obstacles in reality. How far the future will be is, therefore, uncertain.

First of all, most of the target customers rely on smart phones and high-speed communication networks to establish their cognition and vision of mobile intelligence. As a projection and continuation, whether intelligent vehicles can quickly make up for the gap between traditional driving experience and car service, forming the ecosystem of software and hardware to cultivate user viscosity, extending customer use time as much as possible, and enriching customer behavior operations, will determine its speed and effect of development to a large extent.


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