Finance Needs Intelligent Vehicles -Part 7


Aynsley Moore

Nov 06, 2021

Opportunity: How do financial institutions “envision” intelligent vehicles?

In the past two decades, financial institutions have experienced financial liberalization/ Internet finance prosperity while have endured the pain of bubble bursting/special rectification. Their image has also changed from the enviable “myth of wealth creation” to the one hated by the world. After the good and the bad, what the financial industry urgently needs is to abandon the previous idle arbitrage and reshape the relationship with the real economy. Intelligent vehicles are exactly what they aspire to in terms of innovation space and industrial depth. In the current three mainstream business areas, namely, digital finance, inclusive finance, and green finance, intelligent vehicles can provide key opportunities for sustainable financial development.

In digital finance, intelligent vehicles can undertake and enhance the achievements of financial technology. The smart car itself is the most imaginative customer service channel after the mobile phone. Not only the fruition in the PC and mobile Internet era can be inherited, but also a new service ecology may be formed around the smart car. In fact, under the condition that the underlying logic of financial services such as credit and payment remains unchanged, the previous and future financial innovations mainly concentrate on channels. Channel innovations will also continue shaping the external side of financial services and becoming the main position for competition among various institutions including Internet platforms, which is the most direct significance of intelligent vehicles to financial services.


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